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Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are best defined by the fact that colors and patterns used to make them are very well known today. What we call it in the fashion world,” In Vogue”. Hence the words modern and contemporary at times go hand in hand. Modern rugs would generally feature abstract designs which generally are not of a specific spherical measurement or in a symmetrical shape. One good example would be an abstract floral pattern which currently is quite trendy. When it comes to the use of color combination, you would notice that in modern rugs the colors used are more vibrant and they stand out. Modern rugs are bold and captivating. They would attract anybody’s attention. Different construction techniques are used while making modern rugs like optical illusions and intricate lines.

When it comes to the material used in the making of modern rugs, generally synthetic fibers like polyester and polypropylene are used. As modern rugs are made from synthetic fibers they are easier to maintain. Synthetic fibers are stain free, fire resistant, and much easier to clean as compared to traditional rugs. Another big factor which differentiates modern rugs from traditional rugs is the versatility of shape. Modern rugs are available in various shapes like oval, square, round and rectangular. There is no limit when it comes to design in modern rugs. You can have an abstract, geometric, striped, floral or naturalistic theme styled modern rug. Polypropylene is the most common synthetic fiber used in the making of modern rugs. This does not mean that modern rugs are not made using natural fibers like wool. You will modern wool rugs as well but they can be a expensive when compared to machine made rugs.

Whether you should buy a traditional or modern rug would all depend on your preference and choice which is influenced by the look of your home. You can view our latest range of modern rugs

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