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Oriental Rugs

A well made oriental rug is a handmade treasure. We at the The Rug Shop take pride on our Oriental rug collection. One of the typical characteristics of a genuine Oriental Rug is the beautiful color variation which in the rug business community is known as “abrash”. Original Oriental rugs are handmade and are very expensive. These genuine handmade oriental rugs are from Persia, India and Egypt. However, as everything evolves with time you will find machine made rugs which have the same look and feel of handmade oriental rugs. These rugs have the same style of design and pattern. Machine made oriental rugs are made from 100% polypropylene. Handmade oriental rugs are made from 100% natural fibers like wool and silk and are durable to last for ages. Persian oriental rugs are designed keeping in mind four exclusive patterns. These are: All-Over, Central Medallion, Compartment and One-Sided.

Oriental rugs are classified into two types. Tribal rugs and the City rugs. Tribal oriental rugs get there name of the village or tribal area where the rugs are manufactured. Some examples of tribal oriental rugs are Bakhtiari, Baluchi and Afshar. As discussed, you will Oriental rugs which are handmade and machine made as well. You just need to make up your mind in terms of your budget and size.

The pattern and design of true Oriental Rugs is not very modern and represent the Persian, Indian and Turkish patterns either hand knotted/tufted or machine made to perfection. Ardabil, Aubuson, Bidjar, Bodeh and Bukhara are some other famous Oriental. The quality and price of a typical oriental rug is determined by factors like the fiber used, the dyes used, the design, the number of knots per square inch, and the country of origin and the age of the rug. Oriental Rugs are carved with an intention of adding elegance to whichever part you put them in your home.

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