Best Price Guarantee: Get £5 More If You Find a Lower Price Within 14 Days of purchase

Our Price Match Promise

Discounted Rug Price Promise

If you find any item at that is available at a cheaper price on any other website, we promise to match that price and offer you an additional £5 of the difference within 14 days of your purchases.

Here’s how it works. Simply fill out the brief form below and let us know where you found the lower price with a link if possible. After we have verified the details we will adjust your order price to reflect the new lowered value along with the £5 difference.

Please fill the following form

Price Match Guarantee is not valid if:

  • If the product advertised is out of stock
  • If the price quoted is for secondhand goods (eBay & Amazon) or returned goods/seconds
  • Ebay & Amazon listings do not qualify under price match guarantee
  • If the item is listed in clearance sale on any other promotional or auction websites
  • If the item do not match the exact size, type, design or quality.
  • If the price is on an auction site, or on goods which are being liquidated by another retailer.
  • If the price is on counterfeit goods or from an illegitimate retailer, e.g. a bogus website
  • If the price is on a site not offering free delivery.
  • If the offer is a promotion e.g. multiply, buy one get one free, buy one get one half price, 3 for 2, free gift and discounted gift.


*Proof of competitor price may be required.

Remember, if you’ve seen a price from a UK, authorized retailer and the item is in stock, we’ll match it!'s decision is final and non-negotiable.

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