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Brown Rugs

A brown rug can bring depth to a room and can withstand deep-colored furnishings, such as Victorian-style furniture, that would overpower a softer-colored carpet. It is also simpler to maintain clean than a light-neutral colour like beige, but it may be difficult to deal with when decorating a room, as brown is a strong colour that can make a room look less bright, lending a heavy effect if you're not cautious how you balance it with other features.

Adding a brown rug to a room means adding a touch of richness to the decor. Brown is such a versatile colour that you will not feel limited in your colour selection. In addition to the colour option, a brown coloured carpet frees you from the exhausting practise of cleaning it repeatedly, as opposed to other light-tone carpets.

Choose furniture that complements the carpet in colour and style. This is the spot to put your Victorian or Arts and Crafts furniture, as well as heavier, more colourful, or unusual modern pieces. Choose items with prominent design aspects. Avoid light furniture, not just in colour, but also in shape; small, delicate items tend to look overwhelming. Green, red, yellow, brown, black, navy blue, and, for a retro '70s vibe, modest tones of orange are smart furniture colours.

You really want to add a brown rug to your room, but the current furniture and other pieces might not seem to go with it. You are not willing to replace all of your furniture for that carpet since it is simply not practical. What are you going to do? The easiest remedy to this problem is in adding some area rugs to your space, which will modify the entire scenario.

Choose area rugs with eye-catching patterns and complementary hues. The ones with vivid floral patterns would be ideal for your Victorian décor. If your current room décor is all modern and trendy, choose area rugs with bold geometric patterns and bright colours. We suggest you try our beige and gold geometric rugs and beige rugs which go well along with brown rugs.

Use wallpaper, wall coverings, or paint to match the brown rug. Use wood paneling or textured wallpaper. Paint the walls a rich, yet bright hue, such as yellow, for a modern look, or hang wallpaper with basic, bold geometric shapes.

Your wall design will undoubtedly depend upon your brown Rug and the general theme you chose for the room. You can use wallpaper or paint the walls in colours and designs that complement the brown floor carpet. If you decide to go with a Victorian theme for your room, make sure you include everything that goes with it. Floral designs in warm colours are appropriate for traditional or Victorian decor, while geometric patterns are appropriate for modern decor. If the walls are a dramatic colour or pattern, avoid adding patterned carpets; too many patterns in a single room, especially in strong hues, appear too busy. If you're working with dramatic walls, go with solid, softer hues.

Our chic Brown Rugs are all set to enhance your living room space. Get these wonderful rugs right away!

Brown Rugs

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