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Pink represents love, happiness and romance. A pink rug is best suited for your bedroom and your children room. Pink is also associated with purity of thought and infuses positive energy in any room. We have a wide variety of pink rugs and different design and pattern to suit your personal style. A pink rug brings a calming effect into any living space.

The pink colour is also thought of to be feminine and has a lot of popularity among baby girls. A pink rug will be a perfect addition to your daughter’s room. A shaggy pink rug would be the ideal product to buy for comfort and durability. The beauty of a pink rug is enhanced if used with other shades of pink. A pink rug has a very monochromatic look which adds a bit of softness and a clear vibe to home décor.

Get a pink rug if you wish to have the gentle and soothing touch to your interiors. It promotes tenderness. A pink rug is ideal for a room where you trying to achieve receptivity and understanding. A pink rug is best suited for smaller rooms like kids room or nursery. These are not ideal for living rooms as they are too sensitive and will be overpowered by other bigger accessories and drapery. Brighter pinks are, fun, exciting and youthful. Vibrant pink rugs bring the same effect as red. In Catholicism, pink signifies happiness and joy.

We have pink rugs available in various texture and pile height. A shaggy pink is an ultimate choice for kids. Do check out our heart shaped pink rug and you just can’t resist buying it. We have various flat weave pink rugs as well if you like these. If you are fun and friendly then a pink rug will truly match your character and style. Pink as a colour in different shades blends well with all modern and contemporary rugs. If your choice is a traditional design then pink might not be the ideal choice for you. Having said that we do have pink in traditional patterns as well. You can check out our traditional rug section and check if that’s what you are looking for in your home. In the end, whichever colour you choose it is important that it matches the room colour where you keep it. The rug is not something which you purchase everyday hence we have a wide variety of rugs which make your task easier.

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