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Living Room Rugs

When choosing the right rug for your living room you need to take certain factors into account for – the size, colour and shape of your living room. If you have a dark and uninviting space then you will need a rug that will brighten up your room and creating a warming atmosphere, if you have a space that needs filling then choose a rug that will be sure to do just that. Deciding on which rug to choose can be quite hard, but when taking these factors into account for, choosing the right rug for your living space should be a breeze!

What type of rugs are best for the living room?

Large living room rugs such as area rugs, are an absolute great choice for your living space. Do you have a large amount of floor space that needs covering but without the use of furniture? Well, we would suggest choosing an Area rug. This is due to the fact that oversized rugs for the living room take up a large amount of the floor space, providing comfort and also insulation to your home. Traditional rugs go well within a living room due to their abnormal and rare designs. Place a traditional rug in an old cottage or a traditional Victorian living room to get the best use out of your space – because of their quirky designs a traditional rug will completely revamp an old looking living room whilst still keeping the traditional and calming aura. Thick rugs for the living room such as wool rugs and fluffy rugs for the living room such as shaggy rugs will act well within a living room due to their thick and comforting pile heights. Shaggy and Wool rugs will be sure to add a cosy underfoot to your living room, providing your space with a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Wool rugs are also naturally 30% more stain resistant than even the best synthetic fibres so placing a wool rug in an area like the living room would be an amazing idea! Because a living room is such a highly trafficked area you also need a strong rug that will be able to withstand movement over a period of time, wool rugs and shaggy rugs are both great for this as their shape will keep constant over the years.  Another great rug to place within your living space would be a modern rug. Modern rugs are known for completely reviving and rejuvenating a darkened space. Because of their bright colours and elegant designs, modern rugs are great for brightening up a living room and creating a new and inviting atmosphere. Not only will modern rugs just do that but they also create a worry-free area. Most modern rugs are very easy to clean and are simple to take care of – this is ideal to be placed in a living room as you don’t constantly need to worry about getting the rug dirty or used upon.

Living Room Rugs

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