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Wool Rugs

Wool is a natural fibre which is traditionally used in the making of both handmade and machine made rugs. However mostly wool rugs are made by hand in India, using Indian, New Zealand or British Wool. New Zealand wool compared to Indian wool are of much better quality and are very expensive. Buying a rug made out of wool is a matter of personal taste and style. Generally you will find that wool rugs are also classified as luxury rugs due to its softness which gives a very luxurious look and feel. A wool rug will keep your feet warm and there is always a soft and cozy feeling when your feet are on it. It is very popular among children as they just playing on thick flooring covers and wool rugs are ideal for heavy traffic areas as it holds its shape and are very durable.

Main advantages of choosing a wool rug are:

  • Wool is the most luxurious fibre in Rugs
  • Wool rug is resilient by nature
  • Wool fibre is durable and can last for few decades
  • Wool rugs have tendency to hide dirt.
  • Wool rugs are Flame retardant
  • Wool rug can be a good choice if cigarette burns are a concern.
  • Because it's a natural fibre, wool is a sustainable resource.
  • Wool rug has good insulating properties.
  • Can be good during sever winters.
  • Wool rug has tendency to absorbs and releases moisture Wool rug can serve as natural humidifier.
  • Wool Rug does not boost the growth of bacteria, and keeps dust and pollen out of the air by trapping it.
  • wool rugs are long-lasting and will return to their natural shape, even after being stretched.
  • Wool is naturally produced by sheep and is biodegradable at the end of its life-cycle.


Wool rugs have a unique distinction of being able to match any style of home décor. They perfectly blend with traditional as well as traditional style of room settings.

A wool rug is a perfect companion of your home floorings as there is nothing more comfortable to walk on barefoot than natural wool.

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